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Oversea expansion of Japanese companies
Lab Package will solve problems with quality control in oversea plants.
Oversea expansion of Japanese companies

Features of Lab Package and advantages of the service

Many offices and networks of representatives with service functions in major cities all over the world
Dispatch of engineers who can install, adjust, and handover items of different manufacturers, which reduces costs
Overall engineering of analysis and experiment rooms
Training in analysis and experiments in English is available

Lab Package service flow

[1] Design of quality control laboratory and selection of necessary articles
Laboratory design involves two steps: fundamental concept and basic design.
First, in the fundamental concept stage, equipment is selected according to the evaluation criteria for the final product based on project outlines and consideration of the processes. Next, the basic design requires determination of the equipment depending on the frequency of analysis, and education facility equipment and analysis tools must be listed. For model selection, negotiations are conducted with various manufacturers as ordinary business operation and the circumstances are in place to obtain up-to-the-minute information.
Thus, successor and the latest models are also proposed.


[2] Procurement of peripheral devices and equipment
Laboratories need versatile peripheral equipment and common materials, such as glassware and laboratory benches, upon launch. Many tools are required for sample preparation and pre-treatment. They should not be depreciated. Optimum proposals will be made in consideration of the local status of electrical power.

[3] Surrogate for logistics and customs clearance
The troublesome operations related to analyzers demanding precision, such as packing for export, export and import custom clearance, and freight to your site, can be carried out by a single company, Shimadzu.

[4] Installation and training
A Japanese engineer can be dispatched from Japan as an all-round coordinator as required for the conditioning installation and adjustment at the site. Equipment, including draft chambers, laboratory benches, sinks, and chemical cabinets, as well as gas piping, need facility work. Numerous delivery items may be installed. In these cases, absolute process control results in a reduction in the number of engineers required for the visit and the days to complete the installation.

[5] After-sales service
For Shimadzu products, local subsidiaries of Shimadzu and designated representatives of Shimadzu in the country are responsible for after-sales service and provide support. The products, except for Shimadzu, are taken care of by local representatives of the relevant manufacturers if available.

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