The operations of our company can be classified into the following five categories class

Educational physics and chemistry equipment
From basic experiments to cutting-edge science,supporting a higher dimension of science education.
Research and experimental laboratory equipment
Providing a reliable solution for increasingly sophisticated, detailed, and diversified research facility and equipment needs.
Total System Integration Projects
When the customer plans to establish the college newly, we Shimadzu Rika can cope with the customer's various demands among initial design of facilities and its opening as a useful and capable coordinator.
The accumulation of various kinds of Know-How which we have wrestling with those projects for a long time may make use of the customer who have a plan to move to new institution or college itself.
Oversea expansion of Japanese companies
Quality control in oversea production bases is supported from the procurement of laboratory (evaluation) equipment to operating instructions.
Sales-oriented Activities for O.D.A. Projects
Contribution to the improvement of social welfare and science in developing countries, supported by Japanese government funds.
Overseas Plant and Other Projects
overseas development with the latest laboratory technology.

Manufacturing and sales of educational physics and chemistry equipment, advanced technology education and training equipment, industrial education equipment, general purpose, science equipment, measurement and inspection equipment, special classroom equipment, research and experiment laboratory equipment, water treatment systems, and educational computer systems; as well as sales of total systems for new construction or expansion at universities.