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Overseas Plant and Other Projects
Helping overseas development through Advanced Lab Production Technology

The planning and construction of plant test and research laboratories is labor-intensive and requires sophisticated technical expertise. Through access to Shimadzu Corporation's extensive laboratory-production technologies, Shimadzu Rika can provide the staff to create a laboratory down to the finest detail.

Shimadzu Rika harnesses the cooperation of Shimadzu Corporation, overseas sales and service organizations, and IPOs to offer a wide range of services and act as a channel for Japanese corporations operating overseas.

Main Products

Analysis Instruments
Gas Chromatographs
X-Ray diffractmeters
Optical emmision spectometers
UV-VIS Spectorometers
Total Organic Carbon Analyzers
Plasma spectrometers
Liquid Chromatographs
Thermal analysis systems
Surface Analysis Apparatuses
Atomic absorption/Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometers
X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometers (Sequential/Energy Dispersive)
Multi-Channel X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometers ...etc
Measurement - Inspection - Testing Instruments
Hardness testers
Universal testing Instruments
Electronic balances
Nondestructive inspection systems
Particle and powder Analyzers ...etc


Shimadzu Rika offers services to:
? identify suitable analytical methods that conform to local standards;
? select the appropriate instruments;
? locate manufacturers;
? offer consultation on analysis methods;
? plan configurations;
? list accessories and supplies;
? procure the required instruments from domestic and overseas sources;
? create detailed specifications and other documents;
? offer overall export business assistance;
? dispatch engineers for installation and instruction.

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