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Sales-oriented Activities for O.D.A Project
Contributing to the improvement of welfare and science in developing countries.

Under the auspices of Official Development Assistance (ODA), we supply Shimadzu Corporation's medical systems and analytical instruments to the world, under the motto, "For the Well-being of Mankind and the Earth.."

Business Description

Shimadzu Rika is an independent business division of Shimadzu Corporation that provides exclusive ODA contact. Through the supervision of product distribution, delivery, and customer training, Shimadzu Rika builds close cooperation between domestic and international organizations and the on-site users.

PP Product Procurement 
S Shipping
I Installation
OT Operation Training


Actual O.D.A. Business Development and Achievement


O.D.A. Primary Business, Finding and Business Development Advise and Support SHIMADZU RIKA CORPORATION.

The governments of developed countries provide technical cooperation, donations, and loans to promote the economic development and welfare of developing countries. The major themes of these activities are traditionally in the lifestyle and industry areas of medicine, education, and industrial development.

The main objectives of ODA are to offer functionality through training and maintenance, regardless of the local conditions or infrastructure deficiencies.

Based on our accumulated knowledge and experience, we provide instruments that are appropriate for the conditions of the country. Also, through a network of Shimadzu Corporation's overseas affiliates and their agents, we provide not only Japanese products but products from other countries as well.


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